Scissors for Left-handers
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There are numerous models to choose from, but many leave customers angry because they crush the nails rather than cutting them. A good pair of nail scissors should have sharp blades so that fingernails can be trimmed with ease. Apart from that, it’s important that the nail scissors are comfortable to hold and a pleasure to use. We offer a few options when it comes to nail scissors, but we always make sure that the quality is high.

Nail scissors with different tips

Nail scissors aren’t all the same. You’ll be able to see this just by taking a quick look at our selection. Individual models differ above all in the shape of the tips:

  • medium-wide tips are best for cutting fingernails and cuticles. These models are called nail and cuticle scissors.
  • Scissors with wider tips are simply called nail scissors.
  • The special tower point scissors have wide tips that taper to a point at the front. They’re perfect for trimming cuticles and fingernails.
  • Toenail scissors have particularly thick tips and are also longer and wider than standard nail scissors

Stainless steel nail scissors

A large number of our nail scissors are made from rust-free stainless steel. This means they are protected against corrosion and rust. In addition, nail scissors made from stainless steel are also high quality and very comfortable to use. Trimming your nails with them is child’s play.

Which nail scissors are right for me?

This question isn’t always easy to answer. An important factor to consider is what you actually want to cut with the nail scissors. If you just want to cut your fingernails, you can grab a pair of standard nail scissors. If you also want to use the scissors to cut your toenails, it’s better to opt for toenail scissors. People with thin toenails may also be able to cut these with standard nail scissors.

Nail and cuticle scissors are also great for fingernails that aren’t too thick, plus you can also use them to cut your cuticles. In any case, you should bear in mind the following: If you cut nails that are too thick, the blades of the scissors will quickly become blunt and will need to be sharpened.

Cuticle scissors

Nail scissors are familiar to most people. What many people don’t know is that there are also cuticle scissors, which are just for cutting any protruding bits of cuticle. Cuticle scissors are characterised in particular by their thin, slender tips. This is where the quality of the cuticle scissors really shows. If the blades of the scissors haven’t been cleanly cut, it’s impossible to cut the cuticles.

Cuticle scissors - we care about quality

As we already mentioned, the quality of cuticle scissors means a lot. We care about offering our customers high-quality cuticle scissors. The scissor blades have sharp and clean edges, so that even that smallest hangnails can be cut away with ease.

We recommend buying stainless steel cuticle scissors. The advantage of these is that they are resistant to corrosion and so have great longevity. Apart from that, the available models also look great.

Cutting cuticles with cuticle scissors

Using cuticle scissors correctly isn’t so difficult and is hardly different from using nail scissors. The most important thing to remember is to only use the scissors to cut cuticles, otherwise they will quickly become blunt.

In principle, you can remove any type of protruding cuticle skin from fingers and toes. Be careful not to cut away too much of the cuticle and to cut more cautiously around the nail bed. A great addition to your cuticle care regime is a cuticle pen, that nourishes the skin with valuable minerals. Simply apply the oil to any places you removed the cuticle and leave to absorb.

Caring for the cuticle scissors

 The tips of cuticle scissors are very sensitive and should always be protected (in a protective case, cover etc.). We also recommend applying a few drops of machine oil to the joint of the scissors every so often. This will ensure that the cuticle scissors work smoothly and can be easily opened and closed. Very important: the cuticle scissors shouldn’t remain damp or wet for long periods of time or they will begin to rust. For this reason, the scissors should always be stored in a dry place.