Pocket Mirror

remos Pocket Mirror

Welcome to the world of mirrors. They’re everywhere and we use them every day. A pocket mirror is, as the name suggests, much smaller than a normal standard mirror. Many people can’t do without one.

Pocket mirrors - small and handy

They’re practical and ingenious. They fit in every handbag with ease. Ideal for those who like to put their makeup on or sort their hair out on the go. The pocket mirror is also light, which means you can hold it for long periods without suffering from sore muscles. Many models simply flip open and can be closed again when not in use so that the mirror is always well protected.

Pocket mirrors with and without magnification

Some pocket mirrors come with two different mirrors. One magnifying mirror and one that shows your reflection in real size. The magnifying mirrors come in different powers, with the most common pocket mirrors being 5x, 7x and 10x. It’s important to remember that the higher the magnification, the closer you have to hold the mirror to your face to see your reflection clearly. Pocket mirrors with 5x magnification have to be held a little further away to ensure you can see anything. Of course, this can be a deciding factor when purchasing.

Pocket mirrors and their shapes

Our pocket mirrors come in a variety of designs. Some are sleek and simple, whereas others are eye-catching and decorated with rhinestones. There are also differences in the shape. Whilst some are square, you can also find round and oval shaped pocket mirrors. Take a look at our range of pocket mirrors.