Acupressure Pen
Massage Pen With a massage pen you can treat and relax tight muscles. The pen is also suitable to treat scars. With...
Magnifying Glasses
Magnifying Glasses Magnifying glasses are useful both for everyday life and for certain professions. A magnifying...
Tick Remover
Tick Remover The subject of ticks and tick removal has been a big deal in the media for years. There are many...
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Bandage Scissors Are you tired of constantly searching for a pair of nurse’s bandage scissors when...

Magnifying Glasses

Many people suffer from poor eyesight, but find it difficult to complete their personal care routine (in particular facial care) when wearing glasses. They can be annoying or can mean that you are unable to get to certain parts of your face.

The various magnifying glasses allow you to see the smallest objects and letters clearly. Older people or those who suffer from poor eyesight find magnifying glasses particularly useful. Most pocket magnifying glasses come with a case for easy storage and as such are also protected against dirt or scratches. They fit in both handbags and trouser pockets, meaning that they can be taken anywhere, for example to the supermarket where they can be used to read prices in small print or the ingredients lists on products.

We also offer tabletop magnifiers that aren’t only practical, but also look very sophisticated. These reading aids are transparent dome magnifiers, which can be placed directly over the text (such as the page of a book or newspaper) to enlarge the small letters. Alongside dome magnifiers, you’ll also find square magnifiers with two feet which can be placed on a table or over the reading material to facilitate reading.

Some of the magnifiers also have an LED light, which means they can also be used in poor lighting. Our variety of magnifying glasses aren’t only for reading; they can also be used to see those tiny facial hairs.

Acupressure pen

Many people also suffer from muscle pain. But often they don’t want to go to the doctor or are scared of doing so. The Remos health instruments can offer some initial relief. This shouldn’t replace a visit to the doctor though. If unusual pain occurs or you don’t notice a reduction in pain, then you should still consult a doctor.

An acupressure pen makes it easy to treat the problem yourself at home. It can be used for massage or acupressure. The handy pen, which comes in different lengths, is very convenient and, thanks to its ribbed grip, is also non-slip. The convenient shape allows you to reach even narrow muscle groups, such as the intercostal muscles.

Tick remover

Nature lovers or people with pets often have to deal with ticks. Ticks can be very dangerous if not removed or if the head stays in the wound. With our tick remover, tick tweezers or tick lasso you can safely get rid of those tiny bloodsuckers. The tips ensure that the body of the tick isn’t squashed during removal. When removing ticks, care must be taken to ensure that they are pulled out with a quick, direct movement and they are not twisted around or handled too much.

Otherwise the head will remain attached and the tick will continue to suck blood. If the tick is so small that it can’t be seen with the naked eye, you can use a Remos magnifying glass. This makes it easy to see the tick and grab it with the tick remover.

Please note: If a red mark or border develops around the tick bite, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible!