Hair Scissors

remos Hair scissors

Hair scissors or hairdressing scissors are a special type of scissor designed to cut hair neatly. This means you can cut with extra precision. Almost every pair of hairdressing scissors are equipped with a hook which guarantees better grip when cutting hair.

Features of hair scissors

Good hair scissors are made from high quality steel. Many of the hair scissors we offer and made from rust-free stainless steel. One of the two scissor blades is serrated. This ensures that the hair doesn’t slip when cutting. Another feature that most hair scissors have is the hook. Professionals hold the scissors with their thumb and middle finger, with the ring finger resting on the hook. This provides optimal control.

Hair scissors for dogs and cats

Just like you can find scissors for cutting human hair, you can also find special scissors for cutting animal hair. We stock these special scissors. All with excellent quality. The cutting edge is slightly curved and is cut in a special way. They are particularly suited to cutting cat and dog fur.

Extend the life of the scissors

Yes, even scissors need a little love and care. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and the results are definitely worth it. The stress on the hair cutting scissors is highest in the joint. For this reason, you should add one or two drops of oil to the joint. This will allow them to keep the motion smooth and protect against rust. Over the years cutting can become less precise as the scissors become dull. This is completely normal. Fortunately, you can send your scissors back to us to be sharpened. In this case, please contact us so that we may provide the address and let you know the next steps.