Callus file

remos callus file

Rough and cracked feet are a thing of the past thanks to the Remos foot file. The foot file is made from native beech wood and the file handle is coated with water-resistant emery paper. The sturdy wooden handle is resistant to breakages and, together with the emery paper, forms one single piece.

The side with the coarse abrasive paper is used to file thick dead skin or calluses, while the finer abrasive paper is used to smooth calluses. The foot file is best used for filing away dry skin. After filing, you can clean the foot file under running water using a brush (e.g. a nail brush).

The foot file is an important tool for personal hygiene

Cracks and tears in calluses don’t just look unsightly; they’re also extremely painful. That’s why excess hard skin should be removed regularly with a foot file. You should bear in mind that healthy feet need a certain amount of tough skin. That’s why you should never completely file it away. The foot file can also be used for filing down calluses on the hands.