Modelling Instruments
Modelling Instruments There are countless types of modelling tools. You’ll find them with rounded handles,...
Spatula A spatula is a scoop-shaped tool which can be used for spreading ointment or for shovelling fine powder...
Tweezers Tweezers are practical little tools that help make everyday life a little easier. Be it plucking eyebrows,...
Whetstones Whetstones have a special surface that is used to sharpen objects such as knives, razor blades, scissors...


Special instruments and tools aren’t just used for personal care, they’re also becoming more and more necessary for the household in general and craft projects. You should always take care to use high quality tools to ensure that any work you do around the house is neat and well done. Being able to work precisely is particularly important for handicrafts and building models and is something that is always possible with Remos rust-free products.


Remos offers an unbelievably large selection of tweezers with different tips. It doesn’t matter whether they are slanted, angled, straight, thin or slightly thicker - the tips of all Remos stainless steel tweezers are precisely aligned allowing you to grab even the smallest objects. This means the tweezers aren’t just great for removing facial or body hair or getting rid of troublesome splinters; they are also perfectly suited to building models. The tweezers are available in several colours, depending on the model.

Alongside normal tweezers, you’ll also find specialist models, such as soldering tweezers, which have different tips and an insulated grip. This ensures you can hold even the smallest pieces in place when soldering.

The Remos tick remover is another tool than no household should be without. The optimal pointed shape means that ticks can be removed without crushing them. This tool can also be used on dogs or cats.


There are also many different types of scissors available, meaning that everyone can find the perfect household scissors for them. Alongside normal household scissors in various sizes and designs (plastic handle, RingLock system), you’ll also find embroidery scissors, mini scissors, paper scissors, folding scissors, left-handed scissors and tailor's shears in our range. All of these scissors represent quality products. Everyone can find something for their needs.

The screws of all the scissors can be tightened or loosened to adjust for individual use. The RingLock scissors are an exception to this. In scissors which use this system, the two halves are held together by three rings rather than a screw. This ensures that both the blades are precisely aligned and connected for a long time.


All Remos scissors and tweezers are made from rust-free stainless steel This means they won’t corrode when exposed to air. However, this does not apply if humidity is high or if they come into contact with water.


The whetstone is another important household product. It’s also available in different models, all of which perform outstandingly.

A whetstone is used to grind and sharpen knives and scissors. To use the whetstone, the surface should be moistened with oil or water (depending on the type of stone). The blade is then pulled over the abrasive surface in (mostly) circular movements. Some water should then be applied to the stone before continuing to sharpen the object. This process should be continued until the knife or scissors reach the desired sharpness. You can then use a piece of damp sandpaper with a grit size of 80-100 to polish and smooth the surface of the stone.

Each type of whetstone is used slightly differently and therefore they need to be maintained in different ways. Instructions for use are always included with the whetstones so that you can correctly use the stone.