Splinter Tweezers

remos Splinter Tweezers

A splinter or fragment of wood can quickly find its way into your skin. Those who work with wood and metal are particularly affected. Of course, we can’t forget about children too. There’s nothing more annoying that not having a suitable tool to hand to remove the splinter.

The Remos splinter tweezers have very precisely aligned tips. This means you can easily grab on to the smallest splinters. But most of the time splinters are under the skin. But that’s not a problem either. The tip of the Remos splinter tweezers easily penetrates the skin so you can remove the splinter.

Splinter tweezers in various colours

The splinter tweezers from Remos are characterised by their excellent workmanship. They are made from rust-free stainless steel and are also available with a rubber covering in all colours. This makes them comfortable to use and provides a better grip. After all, you should also feel good when you have to remove splinters.

Combination splinter tweezers

There’s another model that offers an alternative to the classic splinter tweezers. When you push the slanted/pointed splinter tweezers (or combination tweezers) together, the front part of the tips close at first. If you increase the pressure on the tweezers, they close further back where the tip is wider and you have an increased gripping surface. In this way, they are even more effective at grabbing those tiny pieces. These ingenious tweezers are very popular with men.

Removing splinters with the Remos splinter tweezers

  • Always grab the splinter as far back as possible. That means that if a splinter is stuck in your skin, you should grab it from the piece stuck in the furthest. This should be done so that the splinter doesn’t break.
  • Be sure to remove the whole splinter (don’t leave any small pieces!)
  • Disinfect and clean the wound.
  • Finally, make sure you remove any dirt from the tweezers and clean them (particularly the tips)