Glass Nail File

remos Glass nail files

Glass nail files are made from hardened glass. You should make sure that the abrasive surface of the glass file is etched rather than sandblasted. An advantage of etched glass files is their long life. Users report that they can last over 7 years. On the other hand, those with sandblasted abrasive surfaces only last a few months.

A short or long glass nail file?

Glass nail files... short, long, one-sided, double-sided, which is best? A long file, a shorter one, a glass file with one abrasive side or two? There isn’t a clear-cut answer for which is the best nail file.

Short glass files are less prone to breakages, making them better for travelling or holidays. In comparison, long glass files (from 14 cm) are easier to use as you can file faster. A one-sided glass nail file is a great choice for keeping in a case or nail set as it is easier to push into the loop or compartment in the case. The case will stay looking good for longer and the loops won’t stretch out of shape. However, you can only file your nails with one side of this type of nail file.

How do you clean a glass nail file?

The best way to clean glass nail files is under running water with a brush. Doing this removes any nail dust from the pores of the nail file making it sharp again. Nail glass files that don’t have a coloured handle or any other decoration can also be sterilised. Glass nail files are also great for painted nails - the nail polish won’t chip. After filing simply remove any polish from the glass nail file using nail polish remover.

Be careful, glass files break when they fall on a hard surface

There’s one thing a glass file really doesn’t like: if it falls on a hard surface, it will break into two or more pieces. You can still use the broken pieces to file your nails or they can be used as an emergency file when you don’t have a proper nail file to hand.

All that aside, glass nail files are very long lasting and the fine and at the same time abrasive surface means they are great for sensitive nails. They gently shorten and shape the nails.