Mirror with suction cup

remos Cosmetic mirror with suction cup

It is likely that not a day goes by when you don?t look into a makeup mirror. Even if it?s just briefly in the morning when you brush your teeth and comb your hair before work. We often see our own reflection without being aware of it. It would be very strange if you went to wash your hands and didn?t find a mirror hanging over the sink.

Makeup mirror with suction cups

A mirror with suction cups can be stuck to any clean, flat surface and will hold excellently. The suction cups can be removed again with little effort. The advantage of this type of mirror is that it?s portable and can be taken with you anywhere. You can give your mirror a little extra hold by first spraying the suction cup with some hairspray before sticking it to the surface. This ensures it sticks longer and better. We would recommend doing this if you want to mount the mirror in one place for a long period of time.

The makeup mirror is available in various diameters

Some people think a mirror can never be big enough. On the other hand, some people prefer a smaller mirror. For this reason, the makeup mirror is available in various diameters: 23 cm, 19 cm, 15 cm and 10 cm. You can also choose between different powers of magnification. These are 5x, 7x and 10x.

What magnification power should my makeup mirror have?

This depends on what you are used to, how good your vision is and what you need the mirror for. Things to think about: The greater the magnification, the closer your face has to be to the mirror to see anything. If the magnification is lower, you?ll need to keep a greater distance between you and the mirror. This could be a deciding factor when choosing which mirror is right for you.