Tooth Discolouration Eraser

remos Tooth discolouration eraser

Many people could write a book about the problem. Smokers and tea or coffee drinkers. They can all suffer from tooth discolouration, which can be annoying and also doesn’t look too great. The tooth discolouration eraser gives you the possibility to remove this staining from your teeth. Even recurring tooth discolouration can be controlled and eliminated.

What exactly is a tooth discolouration eraser?

The tooth discolouration eraser is natural rubber enriched with carborundum. It’s the same material used by dentists to polish gold crowns. It’s small, handy and fixed into a small white pen. The tooth discolouration eraser looks similar to a lipstick. In the second model available, the tooth discolouration eraser is combined with a hook shaped plaque remover. The tooth discolouration eraser was invented by S. Neumann and S. Arkel from Sweden.

Is the tooth discolouration eraser harmful for tooth enamel?

The question should really be: How long do you have to use the product to damage tooth enamel? Answer: For a very long time and very often. We recommend using the tooth discolouration eraser once a week for a few seconds per tooth. This shouldn’t damage tooth enamel in the slightest.

For comparison, teeth are worn down more by repeated daily brushing with a toothbrush than by the tooth discolouration eraser if used correctly.

How to use the tooth discolouration eraser

  • Hold the tooth discolouration eraser by the white handle and run the sloped, flat side over the surface of the tooth for a few seconds. The narrow, pointed part can be used for the gaps between teeth.
  • If the discolouration is still present after a few seconds, you should not continue to use the product. In this case, the discolouration is caused by something else and you should seek advice from your dentist
  • The next step is to rinse out your mouth and clean your teeth with toothpaste
  • Finally, wash the tooth discolouration eraser with water and disinfect if necessary

Please be aware that the tooth discolouration eraser is not suitable for use on false teeth. It also should not replace regular oral hygiene appointments with your dentist. It should be used as an alternative way to get rid of tooth discolouration caused by food or drink between check-ups.