Make-up Mirror

Mirror with Lighting
remos Mirror with lighting There are always more requirements for a makeup mirror. In addition to having a standard...
Mirror with suction cup
remos Cosmetic mirror with suction cup It is likely that not a day goes by when you don’t look into a makeup...
Pocket Mirror
remos Pocket Mirror Welcome to the world of mirrors. They’re everywhere and we use them every day. A pocket...

remos mirrors

Mirrors are popular accessories in the realm of hair styling and personal care. You can find them in many shapes and sizes. Some are small and handy for when you’re on the go. On the other hand, some are larger and are installed permanently in the bathroom.

Mirrors with suction cups

We stock various mirrors with suction cups. These can simply be positioned on a flat surface (such as on a bathroom mirror, window, tiles etc.). They are easy to attach and can be removed again with little effort. Mirrors with suction cups are available with different powers of magnification and in various sizes.

Mirrors with lighting

When the sun has gone down and the artificial lighting source is a little dim, extra lighting around the mirror can be very useful. You can turn the lights on at the touch of a button and clearly see your reflection. For most mirrors, the lighting is around the reflective part in the form of LED bulbs.

Pocket mirrors

These are small, practical and fit in any handbag. These generally fold to close, so that they are always well protected. Many models contain both a magnifying mirror and a standard mirror.

Freestanding mirrors

Most are beautifully decorated and have a large mirror. Freestanding mirrors also make great gifts. Thanks to the base, they can be used on any flat surface (e.g a table). Benefits: A freestanding mirror doesn’t have to be held, meaning that both hands are free for applying make-up, shaving etc.