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Tartar Remover
remos Plaque remover Regular hygiene is comprised of many things. Just as we clean our ears and nose, we also...
Tooth Discolouration Eraser
remos Tooth discolouration eraser Many people could write a book about the problem. Smokers and tea or coffee...
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Mouth & Teeth

Although you clean your teeth thoroughly twice a day, you may still suffer from yellow discolouration or a build up of plaque. This may happen for many different reasons. Discolouration of the teeth is often caused by smoking or drinking tea and coffee. Plaque can also build up even in the smallest gaps between teeth, which are hard to reach when flossing.

But you can forget about that problem from now on!

Tooth discolouration eraser

The Tooth discolouration eraser has an eraser tip made from natural rubber enriched with carborundum. It should be used once a week. You should use the angled, flat side to remove discolouration. Use the tip to get between the teeth. If the yellow discolouration has not disappeared after a few seconds, you should stop. In this case, you should contact your dentist. This discolouration is probably caused by something else entirely.

The tooth discolouration eraser can also be used by children with milk teeth. The tooth discolouration eraser should never be used on false teeth.

This oral hygiene instrument was tested at the Karolinska Institute and classified as harmless. But of course that’s only true if it is used correctly!

This tooth discolouration eraser is available in various designs. As well as the normal product, you will also find a version with a sharp tip on one end which can be used to remove plaque.

Plaque remover

Various models of the plaque remover are also available. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a straight, beak-shaped or hooked tip. You’ll have to decide for yourself which model is right for you.

To remove plaque, run the angled end carefully and smoothly over the teeth. This should be done by moving away from the gums. If you pay attention to the delicate gums when removing plaque, the procedure is completely harmless. If you damage the gums, they can quickly start to bleed, which can be very painful.


Are you tired of constantly searching for a toothpick, which then leaves wooden splinters in your mouth and creates a ton of waste?

Then the Remos stainless steel Sanident toothpick is just what you need. Their convenient size means these toothpicks fit in any wallet or trouser pocket. If used and cared for correctly, they’ll last a lifetime. They don’t have to be disposed of after use - you can just wash or disinfect them.

Please note: Using these oral hygiene products shouldn’t replace a visit to the dentist. It should only be used for hygiene purposes between your usual check-ups. That means that we recommend regular trips to the dentist for everyone, regardless of whether you use the Remos oral hygiene instruments.