Tick Remover

Tick Remover

The subject of ticks and tick removal has been a big deal in the media for years. There are many experts, advisors and specialist programmes that recommend various tools for removing ticks, but not all of these are efficient.

We offer a choice of 3 different instruments for the removal of ticks:

  • curved stainless steel tick remover
  • scoop-ended tick tweezers
  • plastic tick lasso

You will have to decide for yourself which instrument is the best option for you - different people prefer different products.

The classic tick remover

A tick remover tool is nothing more than a pair of curved tweezers. The tips have very small and pointed ends which allow you to get a good hold on the tick. The tick remover is made from stainless steel. The inside of the tip is also very finely serrated, which prevents the tick from slipping out of your grip once you’ve got hold of it.

Scoop-ended tick tweezers

This tool is also made from stainless steel. They have two scoop shaped ends which close around the tick. If you push the handle of the tick tweezers together in the middle, the scoop shaped ends open. If you reduce pressure on the tweezers, the scoop ends will close again. Always clean and disinfect the site of the tick bite.

Keep an eye on the site of the bite. You should contact a doctor if redness increases or if you are unsure about the bite.

Tip: You can store the tick remover in the freezer; the cold will cause the tick to constrict itself and will make removal easier.