Ear wax removal

remos Ear loop

Cotton buds are almost always associated with cleaning ears or removing earwax. However, it’s not the best tool for cleaning for ears. Normally this just pushes the earwax further down the ear canal, rather than removing it.

An earwax remover is a special instrument used to get rid of the earwax. The loop-shaped end pulls out all the wax. Practical: After using, the loop end should be cleaned and disinfected so it’s ready to use again.

Short and long earwax removers available.

Earwax removers (or ear picks) are available with long or short handles. The size of the loop doesn’t change. Which model you choose to use is just a question of personal preference. The 7 cm long earwax removers and also available with a rubber coating in various colours. The main benefit of this is that it prevents the tool from slipping and ensures secure hold.

Rust-free stainless steel earwax remover

It doesn’t matter which model you choose - except for one model they are all made from high quality stainless steel. That prevents corrosion (or rust) forming when exposed to air. This means the product will work for a long time. The colourful earwax removers are also rust-free as they only have a thin rubber coating which is pulled over the stainless steel surface.

Clean and disinfect your earwax remover regularly.

It’s something you shouldn’t forget about. There are masses of bacteria in the air and you definitely don’t want to invite them into your ear canal. So remember: After using you should take care to clean and disinfect the loop in particular. Store the earwax remover in a clean place and preferable in the included packaging.

It’s important to remember that the earwax remover should not be damp or wet for long periods. This would cause even the stainless steel to rust. That’s why you should always ensure the earwax remover is completely dry before putting it away.