Acupressure Pen

Massage Pen

With a massage pen you can treat and relax tight muscles. The pen is also suitable to treat scars. With a little practice you can use the pen to massage yourself and relieve any recurring tension. It’s also helpful to know the different pressure points on the body.

Massage pens in different lengths and sizes

Depending on the part of the body you wish to treat, a massage pen with smaller or larger balls may be more suitable. That’s why we offer various models. The pens are available in a length of either 10 or 13 cm and both variations are available with different balls in a variety of diameters. To give just one example, a massage pen with a ball of diameter 1.5 mm is great for ear acupressure.

Massage pens made from different materials

Every metal has its own unique properties that work differently on everyone. This is why we offer our massage pens in stainless steel, brass and gold:

  • One quality of stainless steel is that it doesn’t corrode from exposure to air and is used, for example, for the production of high quality instruments for both personal and medicinal use.
  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and affects the body in a different way to stainless steel.
  • The gold massage pen is made from stainless steel with a thin gold coating. Gold has always been said to have healing properties and is also used successfully in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Please seek advice from an expert or in specialist forums for more detailed information about the effects of metals, as certain metals can provoke an allergic reaction in some people.

Massage pen for manicures

The massage pens available here are also great for use as nail art pens. The balls can be used to paint different patterns onto fingernails. The grooves along the body of the massage pen ensure that your hand doesn’t slip and you always have great control over the pen.