Hair Brush

Remos hairbrush

A good hair brush should treat the hair easily and gently, without destroying its structure. Natural bristles have a positive effect on the hair. We offer two models, both made with boar bristles. 

Hairbrush with boar bristles

Boar bristles have a similar structure to human hair and this means they will have a good effect on your hair. The bristles absorb excess greasiness from the hair and distribute it evenly through the rest of the hair. In this way the boar bristle hairbrush cares for greasy hair and helps people with dry hair to prevent hair loss. In addition, the brush massages the whole scalp.

How to brush hair correctly

Glide the hairbrush smoothly and slowly through the hair. If you come across a knot, go back with the hairbrush and try combing through in another place. You should never try to get rid of the knot by tugging or pulling as this can damage your hair. As soon as you can brush through all the hair easily, you can stop brushing.

Cleaning the hairbrush

Any kind of dirt can be removed with a clean and soft cleaning brush. Once this is done, wash the entire hairbrush with the help of a shampoo. Be sure to completely dry the brush after doing so. The brushes are made from wood and can therefore only be air dried. Do not place the brush on a heater, use a hairdryer or leave the brush to dry in the sun as this can cause cracks to form in the wood. You should also protect the hairbrush from damp.