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It’s hard getting older... Whilst the hair on your head thins and gradually turns grey, nose and ear hair starts to grow rampantly. Plucking the hairs isn’t an option. You’ll be happy to know there are nasal hair trimmers that allow you to remove those annoying hairs painlessly.

Nasal hair trimmers - electric or mechanical?

Both manually operated trimmers and electric or battery powered models have their pros and cons:

An electric nasal hair trimmer does its job quickly and painlessly. Just place in the nostril or the ear and quick as a flash the hair is trimmed. Of course, the batteries have to be changed every so often or the trimmer has to be recharged. The only drawback is often the fact that the razor blade can’t be replaced or, to put it simply: as soon as the blade is dull, you may as well throw the electric trimmer in the bin.

It can take a little longer to trim the hairs with a manual nasal hair trimmer. But on the plus side, you know what you’re getting and there are no electronic parts that can malfunction. Good nasal hair trimmers are sturdy and long lasting. For example, those made by Groom Mate have a screw that can removed in order to completely take apart and clean the nose hair trimmer.

Nose hair scissors

There are also special scissors for trimming nose hair. Special features of nasal hair scissors: They have rounded tips and a finely serrated inner edge that prevents the hair from slipping when cutting. You can purchase nose hair scissors in stainless steel or nickel-plated steel.

Nose hair trimmer maintenance

In order to guarantee a long life for the nose hair trimmer, we would recommend occasionally adding a little oil (machine oil) to the blade of the manual trimmer or in the joint of the scissors. Any residual oil can be removed with a cloth or kitchen roll.

It's important to protect nose hair trimmers against moisture to avoid corrosion. Preferably, the product should always be stored in protective packaging.