Manicure Instruments

remos Manicure Instruments

A manicure involves taking care of hands and fingernails. Everyone knows what nail scissors, nail files, or nail clippers are. They’re all instruments used to trim finger nails. However, you can find many other manicure tools to upgrade your nail care.

Professional manicure tools - for beautiful nails

Are you familiar with tools such as a cuticle pusher, cuticle knife, or hoof sticks? All these tools are best used to remove or push back protruding cuticles. You can already guess what a cuticle pusher does from its name. The scoop shaped end is best for pushing back protruding skin. Some models also have a pointed end for cleaning under the nail or removing dirt from the nail bed. A hoof stick can also be used for this task.

A cuticle knife precisely cuts the excess skin around the nail bed. The cuticle oil pen complements any manicure tool perfectly. It contains jojoba oil, which cares for the nails and cuticles and provides valuable minerals. The three replacement tips can be soaked in any other oil of your choice.

A brief introduction to manicures

  • Briefly soak all the fingernails in water and then dry them off.
  • Trim the nails to the desired length using nail scissors, nail clippers or a nail file
  • File the nails into a nice shape using a suitable nail file
  • Use manicure tools for further nail care (push the cuticles back, remove dirt, clean nails etc.)
  • Apply the cuticle oil pen to the cuticle
  • If desired, paint the nails.