Pedicure Instruments

Foot care instruments

Just as a manicure is all about taking care of your hands, a pedicure involves taking care of your feet. Trained specialists devote themselves fully and completely to foot care. To do so they use special tools for foot care. Obviously, you’ll get the best results with high quality tools.

The pedicure - a science in itself

If you believe that taking care of your feet can be done in five minutes, you're mistaken. Even our beloved toes can look nice and well cared for, if you just dedicate a little time to them once in a while. Dirt can build up under the nail and in the nail bed in particular. Since most people don’t make the effort to thoroughly clean their feet in the shower, bacteria can build up. Taking care of your feet correctly can be just as time-consuming as taking care of your hands.

Using tools for pedicures

Some common pedicure tools are foot files, ingrown toenail files and lifters, and scalpels. You can use an ingrown toenail lifter to lift up and free the nail so it can then be trimmed with the file. Pedicurists file the nails into shape so they can’t become ingrown. The scalpel is one of the most important pedicure tools for removing calluses and corns. It’s used to remove the unwanted skin layer by layer. Of course you can also remove calluses with a foot file or a dead skin scraper.

Quality pedicure instruments

We only offer quality products to our customers. That’s why it’s obvious that all our metal pedicure instruments are made from stainless steel. In addition, they can be sterilised and are very long lasting. The pedicure tools on offer aren’t just suitable for professionals - they’ve also been designed with at-home use in mind. Learning to use them is quick and easy.