Hand Brush
Remos hand and nail brush Stubborn dirt caused by gardening, working in a workshop etc. can be hard to remove...
Comedones Extractor
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Body hair removal
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Nasal Hair Remover
remos Nose hair remover It’s hard getting older... Whilst the hair on your head thins and gradually turns...
Ear wax removal
remos Ear loop Cotton buds are almost always associated with cleaning ears or removing earwax. However, it’s...
Make-up Mirror
remos mirrors Mirrors are popular accessories in the realm of hair styling and personal care. You can find them in...

High quality care products for skin and hair

Both skin and hair need intense care every day. Many people are too lazy or unenthusiastic about providing the care needed, often because they use the wrong products meaning looking after their body is no fun. The personal care products from Remos are the perfect tools to help. They are so simple to use and so effective, that taking care of your body can even be enjoyable.

Take the Remos tweezers for example. They are available in many colours and designs and make it easy and painless to remove facial and body hair, or to pull out any kind of splinter from under the skin. The tips of all Remos or Rubis tweezers are precisely matched to allow you to grip even the tiniest things. Although they are all of the same quality, there are differences in the tips. Depending on your needs and which area they will be used on, you can find tweezers with straight, sloped, angled or razor-thin tips.

When caring for your hair you should follow this rule: 100 strokes of the hairbrush everyday and your hair will stay healthy and shiny! If you’re looking for healthy hair and scalp, a boar bristle brush is the best choice. This brush cleans and grooms hair thanks to the bristles which absorb sebum and greasiness and distribute it to drier patches of hair.

In addition, combing with the natural wood comb helps to detangle the hair and the individual strands and to naturally maintain their structure. It’s easiest to comb dry hair. The comb is made of wood and as such is sensitive to damp which can cause the surface to discolour.

Specialist hair scissors should definitely be used for cutting hair. This also applies to cutting or trimming beards. In contrast to standard household or paper cutting scissors, these scissors are micro-serrated, which prevents the hair from slipping while cutting. The Remos hair scissors also have an additional hook, which ensures better hold and a cleaner, more precise cut.

The hand and nail brushes from Remos are made with natural bristles and remove the most stubborn dirt, even after messy jobs such as gardening.

To make make-up application and skin and hair care much easier, Remos offers a variety of mirrors. The fold-up pocket mirror is perfect for on the go since, as the name suggests, it fits in every handbag. This means it’s also ideal for travelling. But also cosmetics mirrors with suction cups or free-standing models are particularly good for hair and skin care. Some of them have LED lighting which means they can be used at any time of day or night and can be installed in or brought to any part of the house.