Nose Hair Scissors

remos Nose hair scissors

Nose hair scissors have rounded tips that protect you against injury. The shape of the tips is similar to a duck’s beak. Whilst sharp scissors may cause injury to the nose, nose hair scissors ensure that the hair can be cut safely.

Nose hair - a hormonal problem

Wild nose hair growth affects men more than women. From around the age of 30, nose hair growth starts to steadily increase. The same is true for the ears. Increased nose and ear hair growth is caused by hormones. Dihydrotestosterone is the hormone responsible for this - the more of this hormone the body produces, the more the nose hair grows.

Features of nose hair scissors

The beak shaped tips aren’t the only thing that’s different about nose hair scissors. They also have a finely serrated edge on one side which stops the hair from slipping when cutting. Good nose hair scissors are made from high-quality steel, such as stainless steel.

How to use nasal hair scissors

Before you start cutting nasal hair, you should clean your nose. A quick rinse with water is sufficient. This ensures the hairs don’t get stuck to the scissors. Next trim the hairs. Go about it carefully. Sticking the nasal hair scissors into the nostril may feel a little strange at first, but after a few uses you’ll get used to it. When finished, rinse the nostrils again briefly so any residual hair is washed away.