Callus file
remos callus file Rough and cracked feet are a thing of the past thanks to the Remos foot file. The foot file is...
Diamond Nail File
Diamond, the hardest known material on the planet, is also used as an abrasive in the nail file industry. A diamond...
Emery Board
remos emery board An emery board is one of the many tools that can be used to file your fingernails. They are very...
Glass Nail File
remos Glass nail files Glass nail files are made from hardened glass. You should make sure that the abrasive...
Polishing file
remos nail buffers A nail buffer can shine your nails without the unpleasant smell of nail polish. First you need...
Sapphire nail file
remos sapphire nail file This is the most well-known type of nail file. This is because there are so many...

A nail file is used to shorten and shape toenails and fingernails. Nail files are made from metal, glass, plastic or wood.

Types of nail files

Nail files are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and in different grit levels. On the market, you’ll find nail files ranging from 8 cm to 25 cm in length with either a straight or concave form. The slight curvature or bending prevents slipping when filing the nails. Shorter models are great for manicure cases or travelling. Long nail files are mainly used for at home manicures or pedicures or by professionals in nail and beauty studios.

Metal nail files

These are generally coated with sapphire or diamond in different grit levels. A coarse grit file, such as 80 grit, is used for rough filing. A fine grit, such as 120, is used for smoothing and finishing the nails. The higher the number, the finer the grit on the nail file. By comparison, a nail buffer is between 9000 grit and 12000 grit.

Glass nail files

Glass files do not have any diamond or sapphire grit applied to the surface. This type of nail file is made from 100% glass. The abrasive surface of the nail fail is made by etching the surface. Both sides have the same coarseness. The biggest advantage of this type of nail file is its longevity: The grit can’t come off as with the standard diamond or sapphire nail files. You’ll also find sandblasted glass nail files on the market. In comparison to etched nail files, these files have the disadvantage that the abrasive surface wears down quickly and after a few weeks’ use will already be completely smooth. We only offer high-quality etched glass nail files.

Triple cut files

Triple cut nail files aren’t coated. Instead there are tiny grooves cut into the file itself. These grooves have sharp edges which make them great for filing nails.

Nail buffers

Nail buffers have a very fine grit on a soft, flexible surface. This type of nail file shines the surface of the nail by smoothing out any grooves and unevenness and removing discolouration.