Modelling Instruments

Modelling Instruments

There are countless types of modelling tools. You’ll find them with rounded handles, octagonal handles, or rectangular handles. Modelling instruments don’t just come with different handles - they also have different tips. Probes, balls, small knives or spatulas are all common types of tip.

Double-ended modelling tools

With double-ended modelling tools, the ends are generally sharpened on the opposite side. It’s not uncommon to find modelling tools that have two ends with the same shape but different sizes. The most popular models are those that allow the user to complete as many production steps as possible with just one tool. For example, one side of the modelling tool can be used to apply wax, clay, or similar, and the other side can be used to scrape or model.

Hardened stainless steel modelling tools

Modelling tools are made from stainless steel and should be hardened. The hardened type is considerably more durable. The tips won’t bend out of shape and they are also resistant to heat, which is particularly useful for soldering work or when a flame is used.