Emery Board

remos emery board

An emery board is one of the many tools that can be used to file your fingernails. They are very light and double-sided. In most cases both sides have different grits.

Emery boards - light and flexible

Emery boards are very light. They are also highly flexible. This is advantage if your want to file your nails into a rounded shape. An emery board is the perfect tool for filing gel or acrylic nails. That’s why they are often used in nail studios.

Emery boards with different grits

Emery boards are available with different grit sizes. This means that the grit on the surface of the file can be coarse or fine. The coarser side should be used initially, whereas the finer side should be used to shape the nails and for the finishing touches.

Using an emery board

  • Before filing soak the nails in water and then dry off.
  • File your nails to the desired length using the coarser side.
  • Now to finish the nails: To do so, use the fine grit side of the emery board (if you have one) and file the nails into an attractive shape
  • A nail buffer is a great addition to your routine and allows you to shine the surface of the nails.