Sapphire nail file

remos sapphire nail file

This is the most well-known type of nail file. This is because there are so many sapphire nail files on the market. Almost every shop that sells nail files will stock a sapphire file. That’s because: they are inexpensive and look good.

Sapphire files in various sizes...

Sapphire files are available to buy in various lengths. From short models great for handbags or wallets, to long models up to 18 cm. You will also find models with a slightly rounded concave design. This makes it easier to file your nails in a rounded shape.

Good value for money

If you just consider the price, a sapphire nail file can’t be beaten. Here you’ll find the cheapest, shorter models starting at a price of GBP 2.25. But here’s something most people don’t know: with time, the coating will begin to wear away and filing nails is not as easy. Apart from that, the sapphire powder does not completely smooth the edges of the nails.

The difference between sapphire and diamond nail files

At first glance, both nail files look the same. However, there is an important difference between them which can be described in just one word: quality. A diamond nail file has a different coating to a sapphire nail file. The coating on a diamond nail file doesn’t wear down as quickly, meaning that it’s very long lasting. Apart from that, it files the nails more smoothly and cleanly than a sapphire file.