Being beautiful is one thing, to feel that way, the secret.

Body care instruments for body, mind and soul

We are remos

Since 2009 the company remos professional body care stands for quality. From the idyllic part of Austria, Vorarlberg in our 5-headed team we constantly work on the consistent further development of our products, which are not only available in our own online-shop but also on platforms like Amazon and Ebay. Because our instruments have been expanding our clientele internationally for years, you will also find us at trade fairs and exhibitions in Austria and Germany.

Our Bestsellers

The right product for everyone

In addition to the usual small everyday helpers such as nail clippers and scissors, our product portfolio includes Nail files also have a large selection of tweezers and hairbrushes. In addition, we also supply professional instruments to pharmacies, cosmetic studios and hairdressing salons which we happily welcome as our regular customers.

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Body care is close to our hearts

But what makes remos so special next to all the other big brands? Quite simply: It is the attention to detail. In addition to a 10-year company anniversary, our team has more than 20 years of experience with the material steel and is tireless and passionate at work. Good teamwork brings such a unique product portfolio and a good body and gut feeling to your home that you will never want to miss again. In addition, environmental friendliness and sustainability are at the heart of every one of our products, so you can call on our customer service for repair and grinding work at any time and enjoy the long life of your personal care instruments. Moreover, we are very careful in the choice of our materials, which we obtain for you exclusively from the EU and pack and ship in Austria.

round the world

Quality goes worldwide

Not only our products stand for high quality and reliability, but also our customer service. Therefore, we ship worldwide in large and small quantities and are also internationally active for you in the continuous product development and raw material selection. Particularly in the area of health and body care, trust and innovation are essential when it comes to product selection.

Our path is sustainable

The trend is moving away from discarding and towards added value for products and everyday life. From the very beginning, our shop has therefore exclusively featured first-class body care instruments. Long-lasting quality and expert advice as well as our repair and sharpening service guarantee you an all-round carefree package and long-term satisfaction of the product and its use.

Out of love for the body

Our company promise is based on quality product and service, which we deliver with first-class instruments and friendly customer service. Our care instruments should provide a To be a purchase for your life and to make body, mind and soul happy.