Bandage Scissors

Bandage Scissors

Are you tired of constantly searching for a pair of nurse’s bandage scissors when you’re on the ward? There are never any scissors around when you need them. If you own your own bandage scissors this scenario will be a thing of the past.

You no longer have to waste time looking for a pair of bandage scissors and then returning them after use. Of course, bandage scissors are also suitable for home use. These scissors are also the perfect addition to any first aid kit.

High-quality stainless steel bandage scissors

All our bandage scissors are made from rust-free and acid-resistant stainless steel. In addition, all models can be sterilised. The scissor blades are precisely sharpened and specially hardened. This means they won’t become blunt with use. The bandage scissors open and close easily, without being loose or unsteady. The scissors are both well-made and of high quality. Further signs of quality are the uniform edges and the satin smooth surface. The scissors also sit comfortably in the hand.

Bandage scissors in various sizes

Our bandage scissors are available in three different scissors. The small bandage scissors of length 11.5 cm fit easily in any pocket. The advantage of these scissors is that they are small and handy but they cut just as well as large bandage scissors. Anyone who prefers longer bandage scissors and doesn’t have to store them in tight or small pockets should opt for the 14 cm or 18 cm long model.

All models are excellently suited to cutting through bandages in a professional manner. The angled tips ensure that the bandage scissors can be effortlessly pushed through tight-fitting bandages. The longer lower scissor blade, as well as the flattened side ensure that the patient is not injured in any way when cutting the dressing.