Scissors for Left-handers

remos Left-handed nail scissors

It’s impossible to tell the difference between left- and right-handed scissors at first glance. If you look more closely, you’ll be able to see that the upper scissor blade is on the other side. What exactly that means is: Placing the left-handed scissors right side up (the side where the logo or the indentation in the screw is) on a table with the tips pointing away from you, the left scissor blade is on top. With right-handed scissors it’s the other way round.

There are various left-handed scissors to choose from.

Left-handed models of household scissors are available in various lengths. They are characterised by excellent workmanship and ensure a straight and exact cut. The same goes for fabric scissors. Using left-handed nail scissors makes it much easier to cut the nails of your right hand, since their upper scissor blade is on the other side, too. Anyone who’s lucky enough to own normal nail scissors and left-handed nail scissors can easily trim the nails of both hands.