Top Offer: The Remos Cosmetic Mirror

What would we do without it these days? The mirror is our daily companion. We no longer even notice it and it has become an absolute matter of course.

It would be almost frightening if you didn't find a bathroom mirror in the toilet. Something would simply be missing...

The make-up mirror with 10x magnification is perfect for applying make-up, shaving, plucking eyebrows, brushing teeth and many other activities that require precision.

Equipped with 2 suction cups on the back, you can attach the mirror quickly and easily. It is therefore ideal as a travel mirror.

You can attach the vanity mirror to smooth, clean surfaces such as tiles, bathroom mirrors, glass surfaces or metal surfaces. Make sure that the suction cups are all firmly pressed on and that no dirt gets in between them. If you want the mirror to be bombproof, apply some hairspray to the suction cups and then attach it.

To release the mirror again, simply run your fingernail under the suction cup and release it. Do the same with the other 2 suction cups and then remove the mirror.

It is important to know that the greater the magnification of the cosmetic mirror, the closer you need to move your face to the mirror in order to see your face clearly. This means that with a 5x mirror, the recommended distance is approx. 15 cm to be able to see your reflection clearly. With a 10x magnification, it is only 10 cm.

Please note that you should check the hold of the suction cups from time to time and press them on again. This is particularly important in rooms with high humidity. We will not replace mirrors that have been dropped and broken.

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