Tick Remover

The Remos Tick Removers

There are countless tips for removing ticks. They range from suffocating the tick with cooking oil to burning it off and sticking it on with glue. However, these applications do more harm than good. With our tick tweezers, you can remove the little bloodsuckers safely and cleanly - not only from you, but also from your furry friends!

Stainless Steel Tick Remover

  • For dogs, cats & more: The REMOS tick tweezers are suitable for the safe, gentle and quick removal of ticks from animals. Get rid of ticks professionally, easily and quickly.
  • Catches even the smallest ticks: With the REMOS tick tweezers you can even catch tiny ticks. The spoon-shaped tips enclose the tick and the cross handle removes it precisely and effortlessly.
  • Remove ticks without effort: The tweezers are self-clamping, i.e. the spoon-shaped ends open when the tweezers are squeezed and close again when they are released.
  • Long service life: The REMOS tick tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel, can be disinfected after each use and are very durable and hygienic. Length: 12 cm
  • Packaging to protect the tweezers: The delivery includes a plastic tube with a description so that the tweezers can be stored safely. This keeps the instrument protected.

Tips and tricks

There are lots of different little insider tips that all promise the ultimate solution. However, most of them are useless. Petrol, turpentine and alcohol, for example, should be given a wide berth around the tick, as they significantly increase the risk of transmitting pathogens.

In hard-to-reach areas, it is always a good idea for a second person to help remove the bloodsucker. And always remember: no matter how many attempts it takes, as long as it's out in the end, it's all good.

Ticks can, of course, attach themselves anywhere on the body, but are particularly fond of the stomach and chest areas as well as the back of the knees, neck and the rest of the head. As they are not so easy to find in an animal's fur and kitty or bow-wow doesn't like to keep still, it is advisable to make an evening ritual out of it. In the case of a tick, this stresses neither the owner nor the animal more than it should.

Once the beast has finally been removed, the bite site must be disinfected and then observed. If there is any redness, swelling or pain, a doctor must be consulted immediately.

Tick Removers for Dogs and Cats

Gentle on your pet: Thanks to the spoon-shaped ends of the tweezers, you can gently and carefully remove ticks from your beloved pet: Squeeze the tweezers together (so that they open), enclose the tick and pull it out by twisting. It's that simple.


1. Identify the tick

2. Guide the tweezers to the tick

3. Gripping & rotating removal

Grasp close to the skin, turn in a controlled manner and pull out. If the "tick head" remains, this is 1. usually not the head but only part of the biting apparatus and 2. is usually shed by itself after a while and poses no danger.

4. Recognize affected area & eliminate pests

Locate the affected area. Most ticks survive removal unscathed. Therefore, do not dispose of it in the residual waste or flush it down the toilet.

A simple way to dispose of the tick permanently is to stick it to an adhesive strip and then throw it in the residual waste.

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