Rubis Switzerland

A little gem! That?s the perfect way to describe Outils Rubis SA, a company from Stabio (Ticino). This company has made a worldwide name for itself as a supplier of precision instruments and tools for personal care. For many people, Rubis Switzerland will have become a name to be remembered after they used a pair of Rubis tweezers for the very first time. Rubis Switzerland?s recipe for success is simple: Quality and simplicity - 2 attributes you?ll discover in their products.

Rubis Switzerland - the trend-setting brand for tweezers and scissors

Rubis Switzerland will already be an established name for anyone who has an interest in sophisticated manicures and pedicures or they will have at least heard something about it. Rubis tweezers are known all over the globe. They are so well known because there?s probably no better tool for plucking you eyebrows and removing those little hairs. The tips of the Rubis tweezers are specially hardened and perfectly aligned.

The scissors by Rubis Switzerland have also made a name for themselves in the manicure and pedicure world. At first people are left captivated by the scissors? design and then, after using it to cut their nails, they are astounded by the simplicity and functionality.

Of course, there are also other products by Rubis Switzerland which are also included in manicure sets. It won?t come as a surprise that all the tools from Rubis Switzerland and made from stainless steel.

Rubis Switzerland products in our range

We have a selection of items by Rubis for you to choose from:

  • Rubis scissors
  • Rubis tweezers
  • Rubis glass nail file
  • Rubis nail cleaner
  • Rubis nail clippers
  • Rubis manicure set

These practical yet trendy products also make great gifts. Take a look at the Rubis Switzerland products in our range and feel inspired.