remos Hair comb Quality and functionality are important features that you?ll find in every Remos comb. Combing your hair is noticeably improved and it no longer feels like torture. Remos combs make it so much easier to deal with your hair - thick or full hair won?t be a problem.

Gentle on hair and scalp

Remos combs are antistatic and support your hair?s natural structure. No more annoying static, tangles or breakages. These fine toothed combs are perfect for combing hair of any type or length - even the finest hair.

Wooden combs

Remos? selection of combs includes wooden combs made exclusively from native beech wood. Remos wooden combs are not varnished, ensuring that the purity of the product is preserved. This means that combing damp hair should be avoided. The rounded and handcrafted teeth of the comb glide gently through the hair without pulling or causing breakages.

Celluloid combs

The hand-cut and hand-sawn celluloid combs are unbelievably light and comfortable to hold. In addition, the Remos celluloid combs are available in an elegant design and comfortable size. Dealing with your hair, whether it be long, short, thick, thin, straight, curly... is no longer a problem! No more static, no more tugging and no more torn-out hair.

Celluloid comb
Celluloid comb The celluloid comb is completely made from refined natural raw materials and has an impressively...
Wooden comb
remos Wooden comb Using a wooden comb has many benefits. One being that it glides smoothly and gently through the...