Hand Brush

Remos hand and nail brush

Stubborn dirt caused by gardening, working in a workshop etc. can be hard to remove just by washing the hands with soap. A good nail and hand brush can solve that problem - it removes even the toughest dirt from hands and other parts of the body.

Nail and hand brushes with various bristles

The 3 models on offer have a couple of things in common: They all measure 110 x 45 mm and are all made from the same material. All the nail and hand brushes are made from beech wood. Natural bristles feel good against the skin and are comfortable to hold. The brushes are also very aesthetically pleasing. The wood is not varnished.

Nail and hand brushes with boar bristles

Natural boar bristles have a great effect on your skin. They are very similar in structure to human hair. Stubborn dirt is easy to remove with the boar bristle brush. The brush feels great against the skin.

Nail and hand brushes with natural bristles

The doctor’s nail and hand brush hat slightly softer bristles than the boar bristle brush. It also has completely natural bristles, which are made from plant fibres. This feels great on the skin and moderate dirt is removed wonderfully.

Hand and nail brush with nylon bristles

This hand and nail brush doesn’t have any natural bristles, but nylon bristles have the advantage of being able to remove extremely stubborn dirt. It’s the perfect tool for anyone who has a job in a garage or works with their hands. The nylon bristles are slightly harder than boar bristles. Caring for your hand and nail brushes You can get rid of any dirt between the bristles using any normal cleaning brush. A normal hair shampoo makes a great detergent. Be sure to dry the brush (but do not place on a heater or leave under any heat source as this causes the wood to crack) and store it in a dry place.