Wooden comb

remos Wooden comb

Using a wooden comb has many benefits. One being that it glides smoothly and gently through the hair. Another is that it doesn?t create static, meaning no fly-aways. It?s a completely natural product and is very comfortable to use.

Wooden comb features

You can recognise a good quality wooden comb from the craftsmanship. All edges should be rounded and the surface should be smooth. Our wooden combs are not varnished, thus preserving the natural look of the wood. The means also there?s no unpleasant smell of varnish.

In addition, a wooden comb has an antistatic effect meaning your hair won?t get those static fly-aways. Combing is the best way to untangle hair and allow it to keep its natural structure. Please note: A wooden comb is sensitive to damp. We do not recommend combing very damp or wet hair.

Combing hair with a wooden comb

Comb your hair slowly from root to tip. The wooden comb should glide easily through the hair. If you find a knot, move the comb to another place and try to comb through again. Never try to remove the knot with forceful combing as this can pull and damage your hair.

Caring for the wooden comb

Rub the whole wooden comb with a few drops of oil and leave it to take effect for a while. Then take a clean cloth or paper towel and remove the excess oil.

Wooden combs and water

Water is not the wooden comb?s friend. If the surface comes into contact with liquid, it may cause discolouration. This is why we advise you to avoid combing very damp hair. Leave the comb to dry somewhere warm. Refrain from drying the wooden comb with a hairdryer, placing it on a heater or leaving it to dry in the sun, as this can cause cracks to form in the wood. The wooden comb should always be stored in a dry place.