Household Scissors

House hold scissors

Household scissors are made out of steel; the type of steel used is very important in determining the service life and cutting properties (sharpness) of the scissors. Here at Remos we use specially selected steel alloys for our scissors.

Which materials are used to make household scissors?

Types of steel can be roughly organized into stainless steel and carbon steel. Properties such as hardness and rust resistance depend on the content of chromium and carbon in the steel. Rust-free household scissors can come into contact with moisture without issues. Household scissors that are made from regular carbon steel, which is not resistant against corrosion, are nickel or chrome plated to protect the surface against rust.

  • Carbon steel, such as Ck53, has a minimum carbon content of 0.50%; Chemical analysis of elements in steel in %: C 0.54, SI 0.36, MN 0.65, P 0.010, S 0.020, AL 0.005, N 0.004, CU 0.02, NI 0.03, CR 0.06, MO 0.01
  • Rust-free steel has a very low carbon content (0.045%); Chemical analysis of elements in steel in %: C 0.045, CR 13.5, SI 0.25, MN 0.30
  • The hardness of our household scissors is between 52 and 61 HRC on the Rockwell scale when measured 3 mm away from the cutting edge.
  • However, the hardness of each individual pair of scissors sits within a range of 2 HRC (eg. 52-54 HRC or 56-54 HRC)

What makes a good pair of household scissors?

A good pair of household scissors should sit comfortably in the hand and above all they should be sharp. The angle of the cut edges of the scissors determines how sharp the scissors are. The edges of the scissors blades are sharpened by hand.

The quality of the steel is a decisive factor when it comes to how sharp the scissors are. The steel is either forged or stamped and then hardened, straightened, and finally sharpened, before the appropriate connecting screws, bearings or bolts are added and the surface is finished. The screws connecting the two parts of the household scissors can be readjusted or even completely removed. A scissor sharpening expert can loosen such bearings and connecting screws and sharpen the scissors. Remos household scissors fit comfortably in the hand and are easy to open and close with even pressure.

Remos household scissors with a long service life

The Remos household scissors are very long lasting for the following reasons:

  • The surface of our household scissors is always smooth and burr-free and is either brushed, sandblasted or polished depending on the model.
  • The tips of the household scissors are evenly cut and perfectly aligned.
  • The blades of the scissors cut from base to tip without snagging.

Cleaning household scissors

 Our household scissors are very long lasting. Despite this, there are a few things to watch out for to make sure you get the best from your scissors.

Cleaning: We recommend using 70% alcohol from a pharmacy. Apply some alcohol to a piece of kitchen roll and use it to clean the scissors. You should never put the scissors in the dishwasher as strong detergents can damage the sharpness of the blades. It can also cause unsightly watermarks on the surface of the scissors. You should also refrain from using a scouring pad on the scissors, as this can cause scratches and damage the sharpness of the blades.

Storing, caring for, and sharpening household scissors

Household scissors should always be kept clean and dry. A drop of non-resinous oil (such as bicycle oil or sewing machine oil) should be applied to the screw every so often. This keeps the scissors running smoothly. Scissors can be sharpened, however this should only be done by a specialist. We also offer a scissor sharpening service for your household scissors. Contact us for further information.