Pointed Tweezers

Pointed Tweezers

The smaller the tips of the tweezers, the more precisely they can be used. However, it doesn’t just depend on how pointed the ends of the tweezers are. When the two tips meet, there shouldn’t be a visible gap. This ensures that the tweezers can be used for precision work.

High quality pointed tip tweezers

Pointed tip tweezers can be great, if the quality is up to standard. They can be used to remove a splinter, for example, without a lot of fuss or messing about. Our combination tweezers with pointed and slanted tips are particularly great. At first, when pushed together, only the front part closes and then gradually the wider gripping surface further back. This makes it a lot easier to grab hold of something. A good pair of tweezers should be made from stainless steel, as is the case with all the models we offer.

Tick tweezers or tick removers

Tick tweezers, which are also called tick removers, are special types of pointed tip tweezers, which are also angled. They are perfect for removing ticks. Just grab the little bloodsucker from the side and pull it out. The inner surface of the tick remover has small ridges.