Japanese Whetstone

Japanese Whetstone

Waterstones are block-shaped and available with various grit sizes. A waterstone can be used to sharpen knife blades, razor blades and other sharp objects.

Waterstones - artificial whetstones

When we talk about waterstones, we are generally referring to artificial whetstones (there are also natural models, however we only stock one of this kind). Water is always used as a lubricant. The combination stones in our range have a finer grit size on one side and a coarser grit size on the other. The finer side is generally used for the final polish. The appropriate grit size depends on how blunt the blade or object you wish to sharpen is and how sharp you would like it to be.

How to use a waterstone

Moisten the surface of the whetstone. Run the object to be sharpened over the coarse side until you are happy with the result. Next switch sides and do the same thing again. The finer side provides the final polish. Moistened sandpaper can be used to smooth down and even out both sides of the Japanese waterstone.