Comedones Extractor

remos Comdeone extractor

What is a comedone extractor? Comedone is another word for blackhead, and a comedone extractor is a special tool with a loop or a pointed end which helps you remove blackheads.

Blackhead formation

Blackheads form when the sebaceous glands become blocked. Often blackheads occur in certain areas of the face, such as the chin, nose, or forehead. Teenagers going through puberty can suffer from them particularly badly.

Which comedone extractor should I choose then?

There are two different comodone extractors to choose between. Both are of high quality and made from rust-free stainless steel. Which comedone extractor is right for you is just a question of personal preference. The first model has a loop at either end. The short, curved loop is used to squeeze the blackhead while the longer, flat loop is used to collect anything that is extracted.

The second model has two attachments that can be turned around and screwed in for protection. One attachment has a pyramid shaped pointed end, that can be used to pierce the blackheads. After that the loop can be used to remove sebum and dirt.

Using the comodone extractor

Here you’ll find a small description of how to best remove blackheads and what to watch out for:

  • Ensure the pores are open. You can do this by holding your face over steaming water beforehand.
  • Depending on the model, the pointed end or the curved loop should be used to bring anything inside the blackhead to the surface.
  • Then collect any dirt than comes out with the loop end of the comodone extractor.
  • Then clean your entire face with a clean, damp towel or cloth and disinfect the areas the blackheads were removed from.
  • We also recommend cleaning and disinfecting the comodone extractor.

Store the comedone extractor in a protective case and keep it away from water and damp environments. You will find further information about the comodone extractor on the relevant product details page.