Arkansas Whetstone

Arkansas Whetstone

The Arkansas stone became famous for its special grinding properties. It has a very fine grit which can range from 6000 to 8000 and is used to hone and polish blades. Arkansas stones are natural whetstones, which means that they are all different and unique. Arkansas stones are available in different sizes, with or without a wooden box.

Arkansas stones for finishing

An Arkansas stone works perfectly when used alongside a rougher whetstone. For example, to sharpen a blunt knife you can first use a rougher whetstone (with a grit between 600 and 5000 depending on how blunt the blade is) and then use an Arkansas stone to provide a razor sharp finish.

How to use an Arkansas stone

Moisten the surface of the stone with water or oil (e.g. 55/K oil, available to buy from us). Then run the object you wish to sharpen over the Arkansas stone until it is sharp again. It should be noted that every blade or sharp object must be sharpened in a slightly different way and will require different techniques. In order to smooth and even out the surface of the whetstone, use sandpaper with a grit of around 100, moisten it and rub it in circular motions over the Arkansas stone.