Scalpel & Blades

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The most important criteria for a scalpel are that the blade is sharp and that it cuts cleanly. In medicine, scalpels with replaceable blades are used almost exclusively for hygiene reasons. You can also find scalpels with fixed blades. These should be sharpened from time to time, as they will start to become blunt after use.

Scalpels with replaceable blades

The most popular scalpels are the ones with handles which can be equipped with different blades. This means that you only need one handle to which you can then attach pointed, rounded or hooked blades. It’s quick and easy to replace a blunt blade. This is obviously a great advantage in the medical world, when a blade can only be used once so as to avoid infections. But craft fans will also get their money’s worth with this kind of scalpel.

Scalpels for foot care

Scalpels also have an important role when it comes to looking after your feet. Above all for the removal of calluses and corns. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to do so yourself.

Important: You should first ensure that the corn isn’t embedded too deeply in the skin. Diabetics and rheumatism sufferers should always refer to qualified persons to remove any corns. If removing the corn becomes painful, you should stop immediately

Removing corns

  • First soak your feet in a foot bath to soften the skin.
  • Next: Scrape away the corn or callus layer by layer, from the side inwards.
  • We recommend using a rounded blade.
  • Disinfect the area and be sure to keep an eye on it. If you were unable to remove the corn or a new corn develops, you should contact your doctor or a specialist.