Ring Lock

Well cared for nails with the RingLock manicure scissors

Well cared for hands are an important part of wellbeing for everyone. The right tool, such as the RingLock manicure scissors, can help with that. Different finger sizes were taken into account in the design of Premax RingLock scissors. The different models manufactured for both wide and slender fingers fit comfortably in the hand. This means the user has full control when cutting, which prevents slippage and ensures a uniform result. The shape of the handles is based on studies into ergonomics, so it is important to choose the appropriate pair of scissors for the user. The design was formulated based on the typical movements when cutting nails or cuticles. This allows you to cut and shape the nails of both the right and the left hand with ease.

Patented technology by Premax

Sharp blades that don’t have too much clearance and durable joints are both features that characterise these scissors as fine, high quality products. The patented RingLock system by Premax prevents the joints connecting the two halves of the scissors from loosening. The individual parts of the connecting bearing, which are made from stainless steel, aluminium and Teflon, are very durable and stay precisely in place. The precise cut of the manicures scissors isn’t just important for shortening the nails - it also prevents the nails from splintering or tearing. At the same time, the RingLock scissors help when cutting nails with the non-dominant hand. The scissors are made from rust-free and hardened stainless steel, which means they are sturdy yet also easy to clean. The surface is sandblasted and thus resembles a titanium surface.

Nagelschere Ring Lock Nägel schneiden

RingLock manicure scissors

  • made from rust-free, hardened stainless steel with a matte surface
  • with patented RingLock system ergonomic design ensures
  • comfortable cutting of nails and cuticles on the right and left hand.

RingLock Nagelschere Gelenk

Over time the screws of standard scissors begin to loosen, which reduces their service life and the precision when cutting. The RingLock system is made up of a stainless steel and aluminium bearing with a Teflon ring, which is pressed into the scissor blade. This means the blades can be precisely aligned. This prevents the blades from having too much clearance. Specific studies of hand movements when cutting nails have led to the creation of special scissor handles. Particular attention was paid to ergonomics for different types of hands and fingers. This resulted in a product line for people with thicker and slimmer fingers. All this makes RingLock scissors an exclusive and unique product.