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Giving yourself a manicure isn?t impossible. The only things you?ll need for beautiful nails are a few high quality tools that you are comfortable using. A manicure set is the perfect way to store all those nail care tools together.

Manicure set - everything you need for great nails

No manicure set should be without a nail file. They aren?t just used for the finishing touches, but can also be used to shorten nails. Apart from that, they are also used to create the final shape and therefore ensure nails are beautiful. Additional manicure tools, such as a cuticle pusher, can be used to push back the cuticle. These tools can also be used to clean under the nails and the nail bed.

Obviously every manicure set also needs a pair of nail scissors. These are available with thick or thin blades. The thinner variety can also be used to cut the cuticles. All our manicure sets come with rust-free stainless steel nail scissors.

Eyebrow tweezers for manicure sets

A pair of high quality eyebrow tweezers are the perfect addition to any manicure set. Thanks to their special hardened tips they can grab the tiniest hairs. Some manicure sets also have nail clippers with hardened blades, which ensure the edges of the nails are smooth after cutting.

Nail care with tools from the manicure set

Here are the steps to follow for beautiful nails:

  • First soak your nails or do your manicure after taking a bath or shower.
  • Thoroughly dry your hands and fingernails
  • Cut or file the nails to the desired length
  • Then lightly file the nails into the desired shape
  • Remove any dirt from the nail bed and under the nail. The cuticle can also be pushed back.
  • Finally, you can paint your nails or polish them to a sheen with a nail buffer.
  • Once you complete the manicure, you?ll be left with beautiful nails.

Manicure Set
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