Alongside many quality products of our own production, we are proud to offer other high quality brands in our range.

Rubis Switzerland

The original Swiss quality brand Rubis has long been a trusted producer of high quality products, which are produced exclusively in Switzerland. With a large selection of tweezers, scissors, files and manicure sets, Rubis is the perfect choice for quality personal care instruments.


Our RingLock scissors, nail files and nail clippers are special. They are joined by a RingLock system. This means that no screws are used to hold the two parts together and as such it?s not necessary to tighten or oil them. In addition, the RingLock system gives the product a trendy look and a very long service life.

Ring Lock
Well cared for nails with the RingLock manicure scissors Well cared for hands are an important part of wellbeing for...